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Alcohol Addiction in Florida and the Increased Risk of Death

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With much of the current drug crisis focused on the opioid epidemic and the escalation of prescription drug dependency across multiple age groups, little attention has been given as of late to the one drug that is the easiest to access – alcohol. In fact, rates of alcoholism in women and alcohol-related deaths in Florida are of concern for those afflicted and their families.

Drug and Alcohol Statistics

Substance use has been an ongoing problem across the United States for as long as anybody can remember, but it has become much worse in recent years. Meanwhile, many Americans developed new cases of substance use disorders, the majority of which remain untreated. This exacerbating circumstance increases the risks not only to those living with drug and alcohol use disorders but to those they touch. Here’s how.

From 1980 to 2014, deaths due to substance use and intentional injuries in the U.S. spoke volumes to the despair that people were experiencing. Mortality rates related to alcohol use disorders in counties across America that showed an increase in such cases, presented a 65 percent rise during this time period.

According to a 2018 Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation study, alcohol-related deaths in the past 10 years has increased by 35 percent and of them, the statistics on women showed an alarming 85 percent increase of mortality.

So why are we seemingly trending up drug and alcohol use when the push for greater public awareness and government support for addiction treatment is strong?

Rates of Relapse in Addictive Behaviors Leads to Disabling Health


The above infographic provides a visual representation of how substance use disorders play a role in health-related issues and eventually, death. Note the parallel increases between mental disorders and substance abuse. Many people who suffer from alcohol use disorder also have a co-occurring mental health disorder: This is known as dual diagnosis.

The above infographic provides a visual representation of how substance use disorders play a role in health-related issues and eventually, death. Note the parallel increases between mental disorders and substance abuse. Many people who suffer from alcohol use disorder also have a co-occurring mental health disorder: This is known as dual diagnosis.

More than 50 percent of those who struggle with alcoholism also exhibit mental health conditions. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to tell which presented first, the mental health or substance use issue but they each exacerbate the other.

In fact, alcohol often plays a role in self-medicating. Those who suffer from co-occurring mental disorders such as chronic depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc. may use alcohol to alter their state of mind and escape from the symptoms of their mental condition. Sometimes, they do this naturally without even receiving a diagnosis. Undiagnosed and untreated mental disorders become a major issue when treating alcohol addiction, as leaving them untreated greatly diminishes the patient’s chances of success.

With a majority of mental health issues going untreated, and a probability that there remain many more undiagnosed, alcohol addiction treatment in Florida must account for the high probability that those who depend on chemical substances may be self-medicating other issues.

Risk for Stroke and Drinking

When most of us think of heart attack and stroke, we envision a person who is at an age of 50 and beyond. But Assistant Professor of Health Metrics Sciences at the University of Washington, Dr. Gregory Roth, sees a shift in stroke risk and the findings came from a study conducted earlier last year.

Lifetime risk of stroke now begins at the tender age of 25, compared to 45 years of age, the benchmark of studies conducted in prior years. Using data from people in 195 countries, it was concluded that modifiable risk factors and the characteristics of health systems played the largest role in the findings. One such aspect that was called out to help prevent the risk for stroke is to avoid alcohol consumption. This serves as one of the many reasons why obtaining alcohol addiction treatment is essential, sooner than later.

Loss of Spiritual Connection

There is often a correlation between alcoholism and a sense of spiritual disconnect or loss. We find that some people who struggle with drinking use the behavior to numb emotional pain, disassociating from supportive groups often found in religious or spiritual foundations.

Faith-based addiction treatment, such as the 12-Step program, helps people reestablish personal relationships with something or someone larger than themselves, such as a God or other higher power, giving them comfort and strength throughout the recovery process.

Florida Addiction Statistics

In 2014, there were 727 alcohol-related deaths per every 100,000 people in St. Lucie County, Florida. While the trend continues to escalate, treatment rates for alcohol use disorder are abysmally low.

Do Florida Residents Carry a Predisposition to Alcoholism

Although there are genetic factors that can increase one’s risk in the development of alcoholism, it doesn’t provide a parallel in where a person resides, geographically speaking. However, environment will often trigger alcohol use.

South Florida, with its sandy beaches, colorful and varied cultures, warm hospitality, and endless restaurants, bars, and the infamous Spring Break escapades, it’s no wonder that substance abuse and addiction are prevalent here.

Florida Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Foundations Wellness provides a drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida that focuses on long-term treatment, offering services on many levels. Not only do we offer outpatient services, a preferred treatment level, but we also provide inpatient services through our partial hospitalization program.

Treating addiction as a disease, we strive to help all patients overcome the underlying issues surrounding their condition. This better ensures long-term mental health benefits as our clients seek relief from their struggles with chemical dependence.

If you or a loved one needs help with drug or alcohol addiction, contact us today for more information about our standards of care. We are here to provide Florida addiction treatment to anyone in need.

Get Past the Struggle of Alcohol Abuse by Giving Yourself the Support You Deserve.

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