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Faith Based Rehab

Where there’s faith, there’s hope. Where there’s hope, there’s belief. Together, anything’s possible

Drug and alcohol addiction affect more than the mind and the body. Over time, substance abuse will break the human spirit, devastating dreams for the future and destroying families. We know how rekindling personal faith can bring about positive change.

Faith Based Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment can be approached in different ways. Many of those who suffer from addiction can greatly benefit from a faith based approach to drug and alcohol treatment. It can be the key to long-term sobriety.

Millions of Americans struggle with addiction every year. And, for those almost 80 percent of Americans who identify as religious, a faith based program can enhance their recovery and prevent relapse.

Addicted individuals commonly feel shame and guilt about the disease, while also supporting its negative effects. People of faith might also wrestle with what it means for their spirituality to abuse drugs and alcohol. These negative emotions and feelings can hinder their road to recovery. Faith based treatment can reduce those feelings. In our faith based rehabilitation track, we help bring patients closer to God’s unconditional love so that they feel empowered to release their shame and guilt. Those who are willing to change seek God’s presence and forgiveness.

An emphasis on faith and spirituality can create hope, purpose, fulfillment, and peace for our clients who struggle with the healing process.

Furthermore, faith based treatment also focuses on reducing feelings of loneliness that people with addiction feel. When addiction takes over someone, they might isolate themselves from family and friends. Isolation is dangerous and can serve to complicate the recovery process and relapse prevention.

However, faith based treatment alone is not enough to achieve full recovery. Patients who actively take part in our faith based program will also receive full clinical support, group counseling, individual therapy, and more. Faith based addiction treatment can be a great boost to sustainable recovery.

“For I will restore health to you, and I will heal your wounds, says the Lord.”
Jeremiah 30:17

How Faith Based Treatment Works

Faith based programs address both a client’s medical and spiritual needs. While traditional drug rehab techniques are crucial, the spiritual element plays a large role in treatment.

Our clients receive counseling and guidance from faith based specialists. Individual and group sessions with these religious leaders help recovering addicts find peace through their faith in a tight-knit community. Spiritual dialog with peers can help recovering addicts forgive themselves and break free of feelings of shame that often lead to relapse.

In addition to faith based rehab treatment, we apply standard methods like medical and psychological treatments such individual and group therapy to help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings. At Foundations, we also offer our clients life skills training and emotional coping preparation to prepare them for sobriety in the real world.

Our Faith Based Option

Clients choosing our faith based substance abuse option will have access to weekly religious activities. They can:

  • Meet with a non-denominational Christian pastor for Bible studies, religious exploration, bias and faulty religious formation exploration
  • Celebrate Recovery meetings
  • Have access to a Christian counselor

Benefits of Faith Based Treatment

  • Personalized treatment based on religious and spiritual requirements
  • Exploration of family dynamics and internal/external relationships
  • Analysis of relationships between higher power and self
  • Examination of misjudged religious concepts and the role of God in one’s life
  • Open topic discussions that are personalized to the needs of group members
  • Reducing isolation and feelings of loneliness through faith in God
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