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Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

Take our quiz to find out if addiction may be a problem to you.


Recognize the Signs to Overcome Your Addictive Personality

Addiction can develop for a number of reasons: allowing mental illness issues to go untreated, genetic predisposition or as a result of a poor or toxic upbringing. However, sometimes individuals can simply have an addictive personality, making them overall more susceptible to addiction. Learning how to recognize whether or not you display signs of an addictive personality – and taking the proper measurements to address and eliminate any problem addictive behavior – can certainly go a long way towards preventing an addiction to manifest and thrive in the first place. Scroll down to take the quiz.

Scoring Key

What your score means

  • 0-19- You show few signs of an addictive personality
  • 20 – 38 – You show some signs of an addictive personality
  • 39+ – You show many signs of an addictive personally

Find out what it means to have an addictive personality.


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