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Mental Health

05 Feb 2024

Risks of Benzodiazepine Use: What to Know

Benzodiazepines, sometimes called “benzos,” are prescription medications that depress the..
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08 Jan 2024

What Are Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOAs)?

Adult Children of Alcoholics, or ACOAs for short, are people..
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04 Jan 2024

Exploring the Link Between Substance Abuse and Mental Health

More often than not, the issues of substance abuse and..
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27 Nov 2023

Understanding Addiction as a Disease

Addiction is often mistaken as a moral weakness, but it’s..
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30 Oct 2022

PTSD and Addiction: Why Trauma is So Often at the Heart of Addiction

I feel anxious, overwhelmed, and on edge. I am angry..
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01 Aug 2022

An Addict Tells Her Story: An ACE Avalanche

“An affair. A divorce. Mental illness and heartbreak. I was..
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26 Jun 2022

New Beginnings: When Addiction Recovery Starts

“After years of turmoil and struggling with substance abuse, my..
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12 Jun 2022

We All Fall Down: Heroin Addiction

“When your world feels chaotic, your relationships have crumbled and..
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31 May 2022

My Ignorance… Your Addiction: Codependency in Familes with Addiction

“Time away has been healthy for me… at least I..
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01 Apr 2022

Why Do We Struggle With Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is drug or alcohol use that cannot be..
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08 Feb 2022

Am I An Addict? How to Know

Am I an addict? That’s a simple but powerful question...
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07 Jan 2022

Dating in Early Recovery

The term “recovery” has come to describe how individuals regain..
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03 Jan 2022

Why is January Depressing?

Daylight fades to night way too early and each morning..
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27 Dec 2021

Why are overdoses on the rise in America?

It is another deadly milestone. For the first time ever,..
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09 Dec 2021

Addiction and Christmas: Top 10 Reasons Why the Holidays Can Make Addiction Worse

Addiction and Christmas go hand in hand just like the..
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05 Dec 2021

13 Ways to Overcome Common Challenges in Early Recovery

Drug and alcohol rehab centers have an amazing success rate..
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29 Nov 2021

Rehab After Work: How It Can Work for You

Ah, the end of the day. After waking up, getting..
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01 Jan 2021

New Year’s Resolutions May be Harmful to Your Mental Health… 5 Things to Do Instead

When the clock struck midnight January 1, many breathed a..
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04 Sep 2020

What is the Baker Act? How do you Baker Act someone?

The Baker Act allows for the temporary detention and examination..
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08 Jun 2020

What is an Addictive Personality?

Why are some people alcoholics, while others are just occasional..
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26 Jul 2019

PTSD: A Risk Factor for Substance Abuse

Substance use disorders have clear connections to certain risk factors...
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11 Mar 2019

5 Ways To Quickly Calm Down In Moments Of Stress Or Anxiety

Stress is a human reaction to many events or environments...
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08 Mar 2019

Drug Cravings During Recovery

For someone who is struggling to recover from drug addiction,..
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