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Holistic Addiction Treatment at Foundations Wellness Center


We Treat the Whole Person

Holistic treatment means looking at the whole picture of a person’s life, not just the addiction itself. We consider the person’s mind, body, and spirit. A holistic approach helps people heal by focusing on their overall wellbeing.

Holistic treatment addresses the core of addiction and its effects while providing a range of other types of support. This can include strategies for handling stress, advice for eating healthier, encouragement to connect more with others, and so much more.

Holistic treatment sees addiction as just a piece of the puzzle. It works on improving someone’s entire life situation – believing that when the whole life gets better, addiction can be overcome more effectively.

  • Whole-Person Focus – This method understands the influence of both mental and physical health on each other and uses strategies that benefit the overall well-being of the individual.
  • Customized Care – Treatment can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the individual, ensuring that both the mental health condition and the addiction are managed in a way that’s best for the person.
  • Variety of Therapies – Holistic treatment provides a wide range of therapies and practices, increasing the likelihood of finding effective combinations for treating both conditions.

A New Life that Supports Recovery

Holistic care also involves looking at and improving the broader aspects of an individual’s life, such as social connections and daily activities, to support overall recovery.

Overall, holistic treatment offers a coordinated approach that is attentive to the complexities of having co-occurring disorders, providing a supportive pathway.

Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

It Treats More Than Just Addiction

It helps with the addiction, sure, but it also helps with the stress, sadness, or other issues that might be part of why a person started using substances in the first place.

Supports the Whole Body

This kind of treatment looks at the entire body’s health, so it includes things like treatment for medical conditions, incorporation of exercise and a focus on nutrition. A strong, healthy body helps your mind to feel good, too.

Encourages Better Habits

Holistic treatment helps people recovering from addiction build healthy routines and make good choices daily, like getting enough sleep and eating right, which can make them less likely to go back to using substances.

Provides Many Ways to Heal

There are lots of options in holistic treatment – like yoga, meditation, art therapy, sports, or even just spending time in nature. This means people can find what works best for them.

Helps with Emotional Balance

Holistic addiction treatment teaches ways to handle emotions better. Substance abuse is less likely, even when people are feeling down or upset.

Builds a Community

Holistic treatment often involves group therapy or support groups, helping people feel like they’re not alone and building friendships with others who understand what they’re going through.

Improves Overall Life Quality

By taking care of all parts of life and health, holistic treatment can make life feel more enjoyable and fulfilling beyond just overcoming addiction.

Offers Personalized Care

Because everyone is different, holistic treatment can be tailored to fit each person’s needs, helping them in a way that’s right for them.

Includes Family and Friends

Often, holistic treatment involves the people close to you, helping to repair and strengthen those relationships.

These benefits come together to not only help someone stop using substances but
also to build a stronger, happier, and healthier life overall.


Co-Occurring Disorders and Holistic Treatment

When someone is facing both an addiction and a mental health disorder at the same time, this is known as co-occurring disorder. Think of it like this: a person might be facing depression and, at the same time, find themselves unable to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs. This situation is not uncommon. When someone feels bad because of a mental health issue, they might try to help themselves feel better by using substances. It’s like using a quick fix to cover up the pain.

For example, someone might drink to feel less anxious or use drugs to escape feeling down from depression. But there’s a flip side, too. Using substances can actually make mental health worse, and that can be a hard cycle to break.

Co-occurring disorders can make both the addiction and the additional disorder harder to deal with. That’s why it’s important to treat both at the same time, to really help someone get better. Holistic treatment is especially beneficial for people with co-occurring disorders because it takes a broad approach. It addresses both mental health issues and addiction, recognizing that they are
interconnected and often impact one another.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Because there are many paths to sobriety, and no specific treatment works for every individual person, a holistic addiction treatment plan can offer the best chance for complete healing and wellness. Holistic care allows for a more personalized and flexible approach to recovery. It doesn’t force everyone to follow the same steps. Instead, it offers a variety of options and support systems, so people can find what resonates with them and what truly helps in their recovery. This could include traditional therapy, medical support, group meetings, and also practices like mindfulness, exercise, or even nutrition counseling.

With this kind of tailored and comprehensive approach, a holistic treatment plan supports people in finding their own, most effective path to recovery, which can lead to a more lasting and fulfilling sobriety.


Hope For a Brighter Tomorrow

It’s important to remember that recovery is a journey of transformation and growth. Embracing a holistic treatment plan isn’t just about overcoming a habit; it’s about rediscovering balance and wellness in every area of your life. If you’re considering taking this step, know that you’re not just choosing a path to sobriety— you’re choosing a path to a fuller, richer life.

A holistic approach can open doors to healing that you mightnot have even realized were closed.

Holistic Addiction Treatment at Foundations

if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, consider a holistic addiction treatment plan at Foundations Wellness Center. It might just be the key to unlocking a level of healing and growth that touches every part of your life, leading you to a place of enduring wellness and joy. Remember, with each step you take forward, you’re paving the way to a future that’s brighter and full of possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Entering into the world of drug or alcohol rehab can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath, and welcome many new truths

If you’re considering addiction treatment or know someone who needs help, review our most frequently asked questions to find the answers that inform and provide essential peace of mind.

What is treatment like (what should I expect?)

The first three to five days are the roughest – you are adjusting to life after detox – but soon after, as you settle into the program, you will experience group therapy, individual therapy, and medication management. You are learning how to balance work and life again, so you will have fun as you educate yourself and come to understand yourself better. We incorporate not just traditional methods, but you will also participate in experiential-based activities such as kayaking, biking, hiking, beach trips, snorkeling, and more.

What should I bring (and not bring)?

We want you to be comfortable at Foundations Wellness Center. Our admissions team will orient you to our facility and let you know which items you should bring upon admission.

Is your program accredited?

Yes, we are licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families and are accredited by and exceed the standards set forth by the Joint Commission Accredited Health Organization (JACHO), which is the gold standard of treatment. We are also associated with the Better Business Bureau as well as Police Community Partners.

What happens after I complete treatment?

We have a transitional step-down process that allows clients to gradually step back into the world. Clients are also supported through integral phases of early recovery milestones, with alumni check-in to support and access to therapists, long after their stay here.

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“So instead of my story starting at birth (which is a horrendous story in itself!), I’m going to start where my addiction really started, which was 2006 while I was working as a nurse. I had very recently gotten a divorce and had untreated mental health issues. I began using meth to self-medicate because I felt so down…

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