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Do I Need Rehab?

This entry was posted in Addiction Recovery, Alcohol Rehab, Drug Abuse, Drug Rehab and tagged do I need rehab, how do I know if I need rehab on February 15, 2022 by Justin Baksh, MS, LMHC, MCAP, Chief Clinical Officer.

Addiction is a liar. It allows you to overlook obvious signs that you need help. It enables you to explain away consequences such as a job loss or relationship problems. It helps you brush off every negative result as a short-term issue or as simply no big deal. In doing so, it ensures its own survival.

Problem is, one day you may wake up surrounded by the rubble of wasted years, wondering how it all happened. That’s why, if you’re searching for answers to the question “Do I need rehab?”, you should take a hard look at your life… now, before addiction steals any more of it.

Do I Need Rehab?

Am I An Addict?  

People spend hours searching the web for questions to answer which can prove whether they are an addict or not.

There are dozens of questions, but here’s the only one that matters: Can you stop using right now if it means the happiness and betterment of yourself, your friends and family?

If the answer is yes, then you’re done. If, however, the answer comes with a request for one last night, weekend or month, a delay until school, the holidays, or an important event is over, then you have your answer to “Do I need rehab?” Yes, you most likely do.

Are You Making Excuses?

Many times, those struggling with addiction will say anything to escape the fact that they need rehab. They want to get as far as possible away from the idea of quitting cold turkey.

They will say it’s not a good time to go to rehab, that it will cause problems with work or tension within the family, that they cannot afford it, and so forth. Every single one of those excuses may be valid and reasonable, but none of them change the fact that battling addiction, more often than not, requires rehabilitation center treatment.

The reason it is so hard to beat addiction without rehab is that addiction feeds off the areas of your life where you are most vulnerable. Your path of least resistance is where addiction works, playing tricks with your thought process and ensuring you stick with your crutch. It provides those excuses when you want them most, telling you that you’ve been working too much and need a break. Or that you are stressed because of never-ending bills, that you miss seeing your friends, or that you are sick of being alone.

Whatever the reasoning, your mind makes it swift and easy so you continue substance use. Your brain has been hijacked by addiction and is fighting to stay that way. It takes a lot to overcome the pull of addiction, and this is where rehab centers come in.

Why Do I Need Rehab? 

There are many aspects to rehab treatment. It provides much more than counseling and a place to dry out. Consider that rehab will provide:

The fact is that rehabilitation centers get results, and it is the struggles of real, day-to-day life which cause people to lose their strength and relapse (more on that later).

If you want to understand the long-term benefits of rehab, speak with a center or visit one to get a better idea of how impactful it is. Although you may not have yet heard success stories, there are more than you can imagine. In fact, many rehab centers are staffed by those who formerly struggled with addiction. When someone is successful with their sobriety it’s not only a success for them but for their friends and family as well.

Overcoming Obstacles to Recovering On Your Own    

If you are an addict, you must understand that there are few options for getting clean and sober that your mind and body will be happy with. They have been polluted by this substance and they will fight you with everything they have in order to get that substance.

Here’s more reasons why it’s so hard to get clean and your own – and why rehab can be so critical to sobriety:

Take a moment to consider why your last several attempts to get clean failed. What were your excuses? As you write them down, ask yourself how you are supposed to get away from each one. How are you supposed to take a break so that you can get healthy? Then, ask yourself if you really think you can do it on your own. If you are really committing to being healthy, you will know the answer.

Don’t give yourself another excuse. If you’re ready to get clean and sober, seize the moment and reach out to a qualified rehab center now.

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