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Addiction Recovery

05 Feb 2024

Risks of Benzodiazepine Use: What to Know

Benzodiazepines, sometimes called “benzos,” are prescription medications that depress the..
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29 Jan 2024

Medication Assisted Treatment

Addiction is a chronic brain disease characterized by an intense..
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04 Jan 2024

Exploring the Link Between Substance Abuse and Mental Health

More often than not, the issues of substance abuse and..
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04 Dec 2023

The Four C’s of Addiction

Addiction is a complicated and confusing condition that affects people..
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27 Nov 2023

Understanding Addiction as a Disease

Addiction is often mistaken as a moral weakness, but it’s..
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24 Nov 2023

Can Two Addicts Have a Healthy Relationship?

When we think of a healthy relationship, we envision stability,..
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13 Nov 2023

How Do I Stop Enabling an Addict?

Are you deeply concerned about a loved one who is..
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26 Oct 2023

Understanding Addiction Relapse and Signs of Relapse

The path to addiction recovery is rarely a straight road...
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09 Oct 2023

Addiction Recovery Journey: Embracing Progress Over Perfection

Addiction recovery is often misunderstood as a straight path that,..
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04 Sep 2023

7 Best Songs About Getting Sober

Addiction is a complex disease, involving many physical and psychological..
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31 Jul 2023

What is Harm Reduction?

First, do no harm. This statement may no longer be..
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01 Aug 2022

An Addict Tells Her Story: An ACE Avalanche

“An affair. A divorce. Mental illness and heartbreak. I was..
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26 Jun 2022

New Beginnings: When Addiction Recovery Starts

“After years of turmoil and struggling with substance abuse, my..
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12 Jun 2022

We All Fall Down: Heroin Addiction

“When your world feels chaotic, your relationships have crumbled and..
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02 May 2022

The Distance Between Us: The Changing Roles Within a Family of Addiction

“I’ve packed up my childhood bedroom. Riddled with anxiety and..
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19 Apr 2022

A Glimpse Out My Window: An Addict’s Sister Shares Her Story

Welcome to the first in our An Addict’s Sister series,..
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01 Apr 2022

Why Do We Struggle With Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is drug or alcohol use that cannot be..
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25 Mar 2022

After Alcohol Rehab: What to Do Now

The biggest challenge for alcoholics is not getting clean, it..
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18 Mar 2022

Can You Force an Addict Into Rehab?

It can be impossible to see beyond addiction. Eating, sleeping,..
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11 Mar 2022

Searching for Couples Drug Rehab? Here’s What You Should Know 

Couples love to do everything together… including rehab. The number..
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04 Mar 2022

Signs of Tramadol Addiction

Millions of Americans suffer from some form of addiction and..
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28 Feb 2022

Can Addicts and Alcoholics Handle Moderation?

Moderation is the key to happiness. People have said that..
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21 Feb 2022

Is it Possible to Have an Adderall Addiction?

While your coworkers are slurping down gallons of coffee and..
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15 Feb 2022

Do I Need Rehab?

Addiction is a liar. It allows you to overlook obvious..
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08 Feb 2022

Am I An Addict? How to Know

Am I an addict? That’s a simple but powerful question...
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01 Feb 2022

What is Drug Court and Will it Pay for Rehab?

Jammed court dockets. Long waiting lists for addiction treatment centers...
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26 Jan 2022

Struggling with Dry January? It May be Time for Alcohol Treatment

Maybe you didn’t make it through Dry January. Maybe you..
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18 Jan 2022

Why Celebrity Relapse is So Common… and What Can We Learn From It

When news of a celebrity relapse hits, most people are..
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12 Jan 2022

What is Outpatient Rehab?

Damaged relationships. Decimated finances. Deadened self-worth. Addiction can leave a..
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07 Jan 2022

Dating in Early Recovery

The term “recovery” has come to describe how individuals regain..
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27 Dec 2021

Why are overdoses on the rise in America?

It is another deadly milestone. For the first time ever,..
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15 Dec 2021

8 Tips on Approaching Someone About Addiction During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for connecting with friends and..
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05 Dec 2021

13 Ways to Overcome Common Challenges in Early Recovery

Drug and alcohol rehab centers have an amazing success rate..
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29 Nov 2021

Rehab After Work: How It Can Work for You

Ah, the end of the day. After waking up, getting..
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22 Nov 2021

Addiction in the Workplace: Should I Tell My Employer About My Addiction?

Your job is a big part of your life. We..
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18 Nov 2021

9 Ways to Help Someone Suffering from Addiction

The battle with addiction isn’t an individual one. It takes..
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15 Nov 2021

Social Media and Substance Abuse: What’s the Link?

Advertisers love social media. The average person spends three to..
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11 Nov 2021

How to Help a Veteran with Addiction

Veterans deserve and have earned our respect. Their sacrifice is..
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08 Nov 2021

11 Tips on Working While in Recovery

Addiction can wipe you out financially. Yet, the bills still..
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03 Nov 2021

5 Things We Can Learn from Celebrity Overdoses

Celebrities have a way of dominating the headlines. No matter..
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30 Sep 2021

Overdose after Relapse: Loss of Tolerance Can Have Fatal Consequences

You wanted off the opioids, and you did it! You’ve..
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21 Aug 2021

Is Molly Addictive?

The short answer is yes, you can be addicted to..
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31 Jul 2021

Going Back to Work After Rehab: 5 Steps to Successfully Re-Entering the World of Work

It’s been 30, 60 or 90 days. You’ve successfully completed..
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17 Sep 2020

Is Weed Addictive?

Weed, marijuana, pot, grass, ganga… whatever you call it, is..
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17 Aug 2020

Drinking too much? Turning to drugs? 9 ways to get back on track if the coronavirus caused you to relapse

Relapse. Overdose. Drinking among certain groups. It’s all on the..
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07 Aug 2020

What is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome and How do I Deal With It?

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is not pretty. The first..
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23 Jul 2020

The Truth Behind Addiction Statistics

Concerned family members and friends always want to know what..
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12 Jul 2020

Former Alcoholic and Drug Addict Shares His Story

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with our..
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23 Jun 2020

5 Things to Know Before Starting Suboxone Treatment

Imagine yourself clean and sober, surrounded by clean and sober..
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13 May 2020

What is Brain Mapping?

Brain mapping is a non-invasive procedure that painlessly and safely..
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09 Apr 2020

Overcoming Addiction: Is it Possible? Do You Ever Get Over An Addiction?

It’s well-known that addiction hijacks the brain. Even though addicts..
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24 Mar 2020

Staying Sober in the Time of Coronavirus – Your Relapse Prevention Plan

Amid the call to quarantine and socially distance ourselves, those..
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30 Dec 2019

How Do Process Addictions Differ from Substance Use Disorders?

Although the key that turns the door is different with..
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25 Nov 2019

TRICARE Approved Residential Treatment Centers: What is Covered and Do You Need One?

TRICARE is a health insurance plan that covers active duty..
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14 Nov 2019

The Florida Marchman Act: What You Need to Know

Florida’s Marchman Act allows the judicial system to temporarily detain,..
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20 Oct 2019

What Demi Lovato Teaches Us About Addiction and Recovery

Singer Demi Lovato has been in the public eye since..
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26 Sep 2019

What is Dual Diagnosis and How is it Treated?

Dual diagnosis is defined as having a mental health condition..
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17 Sep 2019

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment and Does it Work?

Holistic addiction treatment treats the mind, body and soul of..
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26 Aug 2019

Mother of Drug Addicted Son Shares Her Story

The statistics are out there. The highest level of substance..
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23 Jul 2019

Drug Rehab: The Eight Most Frequently Asked Questions

Drug rehab may have not been your first thought. This..
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12 Jul 2019

A Guide to Understanding Heroin Addiction

Many Americans have at least heard of the ongoing opioid..
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27 Mar 2019

Five Must-See Documentaries For People Suffering From Addiction

Several documentaries have been made for people suffering from addiction...
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